Youth Summer Day Camps


Changes to our Elementary Summer Camp Program will begin 2023

Please check back to our website early 2023 for more information!


Sweet Pea Summer Camp is offered during the summer months for ages 6-12. We are conveniently located off the Lake Blaine Road at 225 Sweet Lane, Kalispell, MT.  Here we have 6 acres of Blaine Creek to discover and explore, with the Swan Mountain Range creating a breathtaking backdrop. This area provides the perfect spot for children to learn and play in an outdoor environment.                           

(If you are interested in getting your younger child into the program, ages 3-5, please check out our preschool program)

    Each camp provides lots of outdoor exploration along with art, games, music, and so much more! There are activities that meet each age level’s needs, and we find that having a mix of ages just like a “family” creates a nurturing atmosphere where each child has something special to offer.

Summer camp is about building a relationship with the environment as well as with other children. Sweet Pea is a great spot to do this!

“Keep asking questions, and you will keep getting answers.”

-Kaya Carlburg, age 7

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