Youth Summer Day Camps



Get ready for a summer camp that will stimulate your child on all levels. As nature as our guide, our mini Summer camps will provide the perfect balance of Summer time learning, exploring, and most of all a unique experience that your child will remember for a life time! Come get down and dirty with us as we tap back into what inspired and created Sweet Pea in the beginning.

*Enrollment begins March 31st, 2023* In order to enroll your child into a Summer Camp we must receive your child’s enrollment form as well as payment for the camp. After payment is received there are No refunds. Each camp offered is 5 days long, Monday thru Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. The cost of the camp is $250 per child with the first snack of the day included.

You can find the enrollment form under the “Enrollment Form page”. We will not accept enrollment forms until March 31st, 2023.


Sweet Pea Mini Summer Camps 2023

Fungus Among us: June 19th-23rd

The curiosity of children go hand-in-hand with this mind-opening summer camp! Your child will get to learn from the experts as they explore the mysterious world of Mushrooms! From learning about the do’s and don’ts to finding and identifying Mushrooms in our own school’s backyard. These planet-helpers have much to teach us, and your child will be able to use the knowledge they gain for the rest of their lives. Join us for a one-of-a-kind enlightening experience!!

Homestead Act-1862: July 10th-14th

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live in a world without electricity, cell-phones, or even motor-vehicles? Well now you can! This is a very special camp where we journey back to the time of the Homestead Act in 1862. We re-create a time and place where we have much to learn and practice. We build a community where each member has something distinct to offer. This camp will include lots of music, arts/crafts, and non-fictional characters that take us back to a much simpler time, or was it?

French Camp: July 24th-28th

French Camp will be a week of French friends, food, and fun!! We will learn some words and phrases in French and learn about France and French culture through games, songs, and art projects from the land of the Louvre! Learn how to say bonjour, flip a crepe, order in a café, and what you might want to visit if you ever found yourself in France! This camp will be led by the AMAZING Madame Wyskiver who has been teaching French at Hellgate Highschool (in Missoula). She will be combining her passions of France and the outdoors for a unique summer camp!

Wilderness Survival: August 7th-11th

When you live in or visit Montana you’ll surely want to explore the beautiful outdoors! This camp will provide an opportunity for your child to learn the survival skills needed to safely have a fun outdoor experience. We will learn how to apply the Leave No Trace Principles into our outdoor adventures. We will also be engaging in primitive skill-building activities which builds confidence and reassurance for the next time you go outside. Join us as we learn from those who have had first-hand experiences on how to survive in the Wild.

Water World: August 14th-18th

Water makes up more than 70 percent of our planet. Not only is it vital for our survival, but it also raises many questions on how we will care for our planet going into the 21st century. Join us for a wet and wild camp as we learn about and “dive” into all things this important molecule does for our world. Water world will be providing endless hands-on activities from rock and mineral exploration, to flora and fauna education. A combination of science and fun. A perfect way to end your summer!

Sweet Pea Summer Camp is offered during the summer months for ages 6-12. We are conveniently located off the Lake Blaine Road at 225 Sweet Lane, Kalispell, MT.  Here we have 6 acres on Blaine Creek to discover and explore, with the Swan Mountain Range creating a breathtaking backdrop. This area provides the perfect spot for children to learn and play in an outdoor environment.                           

(If you are interested in enrolling your younger child into the program, ages 3-5, please check out our preschool program)

    Each camp provides lots of outdoor exploration along with art, games, water-play, music, and so much more! There are activities that meet each age level’s needs, and we find that having a mix of ages just like a “family” creates a nurturing atmosphere where each child has something special to offer. This year we will be including special guests in each of our camps!

Summer camp is about building a relationship with the environment as well as with other children. Sweet Pea is a great spot to do this!

“Keep asking questions, and you will keep getting answers.”

-Kaya Carlburg, age 7

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